Elementary Engineering Education’s mission is to introduce elementary students to engineering before stereotypes take hold.  e3 accomplishes this by providing parents and teachers with information that will assist them in choosing the right elementary level engineering programs for their young scholars.  e3 believes that we should be evaluating programs and products for students from the 2nd to 6th grade with an emphasis on the 3rd and 4th grades because e3 has found that these students are very adept at understanding engineering and, in general, stereotypes have not taken hold at this age.


Imagine America in 30 years if, today, every student in America spent 30 hours in the 3rd and 4th grade building & modifying mechanisms, structures, & robots.  In 30 years, these Americans would have strong logic-based problem solving skills to accompany their feelings-based problem solving skills.  In 30 years, these American’s would have made a more informed decision whether to pursue a career in engineering, construction, or a related field … which, in turn, will make these fields much, much stronger.  In 30 years, all of these Americans would have a better understanding of the infrastructure of America and what it takes to build and maintain America’s infrastructure.  In 30 years, all of these Americans would see The World differently … in a better way!

Imagine America in 60 years if we start today!  Let’s get started!