Information to be Included on Evaluation Detail Page (for development use only)

  • General
    • Year Rolled Out:  Need a better name
    • Organization Background:  About whoever makes the product (LEGO, Boston Science Museum,etc.)
    • Description from Product:  Basically the exact words that the organization uses to describe their product
  • Evaluation Overview
    • A description of how e3 sees it
    • Age group it is good for
    • During school or after school products (or how you would use it for each)
    • How would a school use it
    • How would a family use it
    • Cost (it would be nice for a cost per student for at least a classroom of students ~24ish)
  • Engineering Disciplines
    • List of engineering fields that it addresses (I suggest we keep it simple by using the core disciplines):  Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computer, Chemical, Controls.  Some of the other disciplines are (just put Engineering after each):  Aerospace, Materials, Agricultural, Biomedical, Geotechnical, Optical, Transportation, Bio, Environmental, Package, Industrial, Green, Acoustical, Ocean, …. and the list just keeps going on and on ….. I would be okay if Industrial Engineering moved to a core discipline.
  • WWW links
    • General link to product or program
    • Direct link to product or program
    • A Google search link if appropriate

General Information

Inaugural Year:  2012

Organization Background:  The Engineering And Robotics Learned Young (EARLY) Organization is.  The EARLY Organization consists of a handful of people who develop and publish the EARLY Mission each year.